The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun review

Automattic is the company behind the most popular blogging software in the world WordPress. In Scott’s book he describes how Automattic works from both a high level and directly in context of his own personal experiences being a team leader for Team Social on He describes how the company is far removed from formal… Read more »

Hardkour – a great runner puzzle game

My friend James has recently released his new game for mobile iOS (both iPhone & iPad), Android and Windows Mobile. Its a great endless runner with a simple puzzle mechanic and parkour influence. As your guy runs along a maze of green cubes some will have arrows pointing left and right. Make sure you have… Read more »

Using VSCO Cam for iPad →

Just like Shawn Blanc I too enjoy using VSCO cam for my photo post editing. The filters are truly great and with the iPad app now, I far more enjoy editing my photos on the big screen. The only different way I import my photos to Shawn from my DSLR is using an Eye-Fi card… Read more »

Weekend Wrap-up 9th November 2014

It really feels like summer now. Days spent playing outside with the kids, and parties with friends over for food and drink. The last birthday celebrations for this year were had, with my youngest turning two. Hope you all had a great weekend, enjoy these great reads. Responsive Images in Practise – A List Apart… Read more »

Weekend Wrap-up – 2nd November 2014

After surviving Mr 6’s tenpin birthday party this weekend, I managed to catch up on some great articles this week. Happy reading. 10 Things To Consider While Keeping a Level Head About AngularJS 2.0 – One Hungry Mind The whole Angular JS world blew up this week with the revelations of big changes in version… Read more »

Long Weekend Wrap-up – 27th October 2014

It’s Labour Day Weekend here in New Zealand and I’m having a pretty laid back weekend. It was my annual cleaning of the pool yesterday turning it from emerald green to blue with the help of a lot of chemicals and cleaning. Apart from that I’ve managed to read some great articles from my Instapaper… Read more »

Manage your server from your iPhone

Prompt 2 is an update to my favourite SSH terminal app for iOS. It allows me to manage, perform maintenance and repair my VPS (which hosts this website) from my phone anywhere I have an internet connection. One of the new features added to the app are “clips”, short snippets of commands you can create… Read more »

Copying files from iOS to OS X via FTP

First of all if you haven’t bought Panic‘s great new FTP client for iOS Transmit I suggest you go grab it. With the introduction of iOS 8 an app like Transmit helps become that bridge to easily transfer files to your Mac/Server and your iPad or iPhone without using a cloud service. Panic mentions in… Read more »

Scanbot named best document scanning app for iOS →

Scanbot my favourite document scanning app has been named the best over at The Sweet Setup. Why I like Scanbot the most of all the great scanning apps out there is it’s ability to quickly scan multiple documents with great results. You don’t even need to press the shutter button it will automatically take the… Read more »