What is a senior developer? →

Matt Briggs gives some broad descriptions of the levels of developers. A senior developer understands that everything in our field involves tradeoff, and will look for what that is for design patterns, libraries, frameworks, and processes. Software development is all about compromises, and prioritising the right ones.

The Auckland Fibre situation →

Cloudflare have now setup a data center in Auckland which is great news for customers latency. It was interesting to read about the Auckland fibre situation. The Auckland fiber situation is an interesting one. Auckland is situated around a harbour. Over this harbour is a bridge which most of the fiber in the city runs… Read more »

Kiwis winners in phone plan price war →

With all the recent plans announced from 2 Degrees, Spark and Skinny New Zealander’s are finally getting some value for money with the now available smartphone plans. They could all offer more data as the need for SMS and Voice services are needed less these days. I myself have been on a pre-paid combo pack… Read more »

Life After Cancer: How the iPhone Helped Me Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle →

Federico Vitticci (@viticci) posted a great article on how the iPhone has helped him achieve a healthier lifestyle after cancer treatment. He outlines the apps that he currently uses to record his steps, calories, sleep patterns and even his coffee consumption. I previously blogged about “self quantifying” before, and listed a few of apps I’ve… Read more »

Charles proxy is your friend

At work I’ve been updating some mobile apps (iOS & Android) that yesterday had their web service updated to pass me two parameters I needed (by one of the other developers). Me being a dummy I forgot to ask what those two parameters were called. So this morning I remembered my handy dev tool Charles… Read more »

Working remotely from home for 6 months

I’ve been working remotely now for over 6 months with Monitor from home. Its been a tough but overall enjoyable time. Here are some points about my experience and some advice. The good parts: I’ve gone from novice to more than competent with Angular JS with majority of work to date been building an Angular… Read more »

The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun review

Automattic is the company behind the most popular blogging software in the world WordPress. In Scott’s book he describes how Automattic works from both a high level and directly in context of his own personal experiences being a team leader for Team Social on WordPress.com. He describes how the company is far removed from formal… Read more »

Hardkour – a great runner puzzle game

My friend James has recently released his new game for mobile iOS (both iPhone & iPad), Android and Windows Mobile. Its a great endless runner with a simple puzzle mechanic and parkour influence. As your guy runs along a maze of green cubes some will have arrows pointing left and right. Make sure you have… Read more »

Using VSCO Cam for iPad →

Just like Shawn Blanc I too enjoy using VSCO cam for my photo post editing. The filters are truly great and with the iPad app now, I far more enjoy editing my photos on the big screen. The only different way I import my photos to Shawn from my DSLR is using an Eye-Fi card… Read more »

Weekend Wrap-up 9th November 2014

It really feels like summer now. Days spent playing outside with the kids, and parties with friends over for food and drink. The last birthday celebrations for this year were had, with my youngest turning two. Hope you all had a great weekend, enjoy these great reads. Responsive Images in Practise – A List Apart… Read more »