Long Weekend Wrap-up – 27th October 2014

It’s Labour Day Weekend here in New Zealand and I’m having a pretty laid back weekend. It was my annual cleaning of the pool yesterday turning it from emerald green to blue with the help of a lot of chemicals and cleaning. Apart from that I’ve managed to read some great articles from my Instapaper… Read more »

Manage your server from your iPhone

Prompt 2 is an update to my favourite SSH terminal app for iOS. It allows me to manage, perform maintenance and repair my VPS (which hosts this website) from my phone anywhere I have an internet connection. One of the new features added to the app are “clips”, short snippets of commands you can create… Read more »

Copying files from iOS to OS X via FTP

First of all if you haven’t bought Panic‘s great new FTP client for iOS Transmit I suggest you go grab it. With the introduction of iOS 8 an app like Transmit helps become that bridge to easily transfer files to your Mac/Server and your iPad or iPhone without using a cloud service. Panic mentions in… Read more »

Scanbot named best document scanning app for iOS →

Scanbot my favourite document scanning app has been named the best over at The Sweet Setup. Why I like Scanbot the most of all the great scanning apps out there is it’s ability to quickly scan multiple documents with great results. You don’t even need to press the shutter button it will automatically take the… Read more »

Greatest Office Perk, No Office →

The makers of WordPress learned years ago that the ultimate office perk is not having an office The internet is the great equaliser, breaking down the need for everyone to be working from the one location. Having people working remotely could save rural Heartland New Zealand from turning into “Zombie Towns”.1 Zombie Towns – Sunday… Read more »

iOS 8 Release Day Roundup

What a massive day of updates to apps I love and some new ones I’m going to really enjoy using (especially ones with extensions, notification widgets and custom keyboards). Sit down, kick your shoes off and have a read of some of the best articles related to the release of iOS 8 today. iOS 8… Read more »

Minecraft sale to Microsoft →

Minecraft is a big hit with my family. My kids and I play together on the Pocket edition creating all sorts of buildings. It keeps us entertained for hours, and hours. It’s the one game I don’t mind the kids spending all that time1 as I see it no different to the hours I spent… Read more »

Should I get a new iPhone 6 →

Tim Schmitz on his blog Minutes to Midnight walks us through the pros and cons of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and helps you answer the question: Which iPhone should I buy?