Update iOS Sketch 3 Templates

I’ve been using Sketch 3 recently (after a long hiatus) and a great productivity tip for iOS 9 design is to take advantage of a GUI template. A GUI template has all the UI elements painstakingly recreated in Sketch, to help you supplement your own designs. We have two great choices thanks to Meng To (of Design + Code) and… Read more »

Prepare for iOS 9

With the coming of iOS 9 tomorrow it will pay for you to get your iOS devices in a ready state for update day. Here are my top tips to help get you prepared: Make sure you have enough data on your internet account. Expect to go through gigs of data with iOS and app… Read more »

Getting experience with Swift

The best way I’ve found to learn new programming languages is simply to start using them. So when I had an app idea I wanted to itch I decided to use Swift 2 and jump straight in. Using the new Xcode 7 you don’t even need a developers license to install your own apps on… Read more »

Siri Remote Only Available in Eight Launch Countries →

This is stupid to say the least. The new remote being bluetooth and having volume control (let alone touch) for the TV is still an improvement over the previous Apple TV version. It looks like I’ll be sourcing an Australian model. The new Siri Remote will, at launch, only be available in eight countries at… Read more »

Twitter, weighing up the noise vs good

I’ve been a user of Twitter since 2008. I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy user, but do enjoy the little gems of info I do come across of the people I follow and there is some really great conversations on the platform. But lately I’ve been finding the noise to good ratio has been hard… Read more »

Android hardware makers stare into profitless abyss →

Bill Bennett paints a bleak outlook for Android phone manufacturers. Android phone makers taken as a whole lose money. Even the handful making a profit get paltry returns. Most would be better off if they left their money in the bank.

Moving Swiftly Too →

Allen Pike talks about his great and enjoyable transition to Swift since October last year. I’ve recently jumped on to the Swift band wagon with the beta’s of Xcode 7 and thoroughly enjoyed it too. Swift in my opinion is a much easier to pick up language compared to Objective C.

Angular developers sigh with relief →

The AngularJS community have felt a little nervous since the announcement of Angular 2 and the intention for it not to be backwards compatible. But can now breathe easy. A couple of days ago the Angular team posted on their blog the announcement that there will be a path to incremental upgrades so Angular 1… Read more »

What is a senior developer? →

Matt Briggs gives some broad descriptions of the levels of developers. A senior developer understands that everything in our field involves tradeoff, and will look for what that is for design patterns, libraries, frameworks, and processes. Software development is all about compromises, and prioritising the right ones.